The Thing about Holding the Door for a Woman

It’s a Thursday evening and I am walking towards the exit of Chipotle. While I have a burrito in hand, I also have handful of chips already halfway to my mouth. As I make my way out, I notice a guy getting ready to come inside Chipotle and I watch him pause as he prepares to hold the door for me. I hesitate for just a second as I chomp down on some chips and then I smile graciously and walk through the now open door. The word “Thank you” escapes my lips, and he responds with a friendly nod and “You’re welcome.”

So, here is the thing about holding a door for a woman. We like it. I don’t necessarily need you to hold it open because I can certainly open and close the door all on my own, but I am here to tell you that I will always be appreciative for this gesture. This is true not only because it is kind and considerate, but more importantly because chivalry will never go out of style. I promise.

Call me old fashioned, but I strongly believe in holding the door for a lady, paying for the check on the first date, driving the car around to the door if it’s raining, and dropping by with some flowers just for the hell of it.

All this being said, some people still prefer to be treated in a way that is not kind, considerate, or thoughtful.

Speaking from personal experience, I was once attracted to the people that treated me poorly. However, as I engaged in such relationships, I realize now I was simply playing out the type of relationship I had with myself. I was attracted to the person that was treating me with the same amount of respect (or lack thereof) with which I was treating myself.

You see, “It has nothing to do with you, and it means everything about you” –PLR

However, these days, I’ve found a deeper love and gratitude for the person I’ve grown to become, and in doing so I have raised the bar. Substantially higher, in fact. I now prefer to be spending my precious time with the guy that always holds the door for the person behind him. I like getting flowers “just because.” I appreciate when my boyfriend kindly moves me to the inside of the street as we walk down the road. My heart melts when he kisses my forehead or the tip of my nose because in that moment, I feel loved and adored. I even secretly appreciate when we are at the grocery store together and he grabs all the grocery bags out of my hands so he can carry them to the car. It is small gestures like the ones stated above that often mean the most in this world.

Yes, perhaps I am old fashioned, but here is the thing about holding a door for a woman. You should do it for everyone.

As it turns out, it isn’t just a woman thing, it’s a human thing.

So, buy your friend some flowers just because, or offer a stranger your seat on the bus. Tell your sister, or your mother, your girlfriend, or your friend she is beautiful because she is. Surprise your partner with a random date out once in a while to show your love and appreciation. Smile (sincerely!) at the person who cuts you off in traffic. Perhaps he or she is just having a bad day and your kindness could help to turn it around.

Always be kind and be intentional with every action you perform, being sure to only extend love.

So, to the kind stranger that held the door for me that day, thank you. Although I was caught off guard because my steamy hot burrito bowl was occupying my attention, I appreciated the small gesture more than you know. And please know that after you walked away, I turned back around to grab and hold the door open for the next person coming in. Maybe next time, I’ll even offer them a couple of my chips ❤




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